AIGINA, silver stater, 510-480 BC


AIGINA, silver stater, 510-480 BC
Sea-turtle, upper and central ridge of the shell ornamented with row of dots, usually five
Rev. Incuse square divided by bands into pattern of five compartments
Ex coll. M.L., Netherlands.

12,1 gr. Toned, VF+

Lit. S. R. Milbank, Coinage of Aigina, ANS New York, 1925, pl. I, 15, period III; D. Sear, Greek Coins and their Values, vol. I , 1848.

An ancient Greek silver stater from the island of Aegina, circa 480 BC

Aigina produced the first coinage of the western world, a tiny, rocky island in the Aegean sea; origin of the most brilliant of human inventions, coins

Struck with the image of a leatherback turtle, these pebble-like coins have been found as far as Egypt and the Levant


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