Stuccoed and polychrome painted foot case depicting two sandal-strapped feet, straps with ladder-patterned border, gilded roundels at junctions of straps, long slender toes with traces of gilding on some of nails, ankles bordered with frieze of alternating protective Tyet- and Djed symbols, on lower part of case metope-scheme frieze with dots. Underside showing pair of checkerboard soles with papyrus column between

Ex coll. Mrs. Elias-Vaes, Netherlands, acquired 1960s or early 1970s
L. 25 cm. H. 19.5 cm. Some paint wear at toes, original fabric of linen visible in places. otherwise intact.

Late Ptolemaic – Early Roman Period, 1st cent. BC – 1st cent. AD

Cf. D’Auria, P.H. Roehrig, P. Lacovara, Mummies and Magic, Boston 1988, p. 208-9, nr. 157; M.J. Raven, De dodencultus van het Oude Egypte, Amsterdam 1992, p.76 and fig.


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