Polychrome painted set of two panels to be placed on chest, abdomen and legs, on yellow background. Top panel consisting of three registers, fragment of sky-goddess Nut, mummification of Nes-Her with Anubis and a Ba-bird, a large Isis knot amulet with row of four deities with Maat feather at either side. Lower panel with five registers, showing sons of Horus at either side of a large Djed pillar, mummy on bier, Ba-bird above, Isis and Nephtys at the side and another scene of deities with central Isis knot; below, broad collar and row of lotus flowers, central hieroglyphic column reading: ’…May a royal offering be given to Osiris, the foremost of the west, and to Anubis, foremost of god’s booth; Nes-Her justified…’

Ex priv. coll. Simonian, Egypt 1950s-60s
H. 68 cm. Mounted

Ptolemaic Period, 336-30 BC

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