So-called ‘Fayum portrait’. Polychrome painted encaustic rectangular wood panel consisting of three parts, cut off at the top corners, decorated with a young woman with black curly hair, her body slightly turned to the right, her head facing, with clear facial features of large almond-shaped black eyes and nicely arched eyebrows, straight nose and small fleshy red mouth; wearing a rose coloured tunica with a black band over her right shoulder, necklace around her neck and in her ears gold stirrup-shaped earrings threaded with four white pearls.
Thin lindel wood glued to modern cardboard which is being fixed to modern plywood panel. Written in pencil on the back:
‘…aus der Sammlung Theodor Graf…’

Provenance: ex priv. M.R., Rotterdam by inheritance; originally from coll. Theodor Graf, Vienna, early 20th cent., hence coll. Krook, and
coll. P.A. Roorda, Haarlem, Netherlands; accompanied by a letter of Klaus Parlasca 1976
Dim. 30 x 19 cm, middle part restored early 20th century; modern frame (original frame still preserved)

2nd cent AD

Publ. K. Parlasca, Ritratti di Mummie, Serie B, Rome 2003, vol. IV,
no. 784, tav. 174, 2
Note: these paintings are the earliest type of painting of real human portraits; this lady really lived in Egypt in the 2nd century AD


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