Vase in shape of monkey seated with crossed ‘feet’, raising its right paw to its muzzle and his left to its ear; aperture on top of head, decoration worn.

Ex priv. coll., England, 2006 (Bonhams)
H. 11,3 cm. Buff clay

2nd-3rd quarter of 6th cent. BC

‘…Plastic vases in the shape of monkeys were common as perfume and cosmetic jars throughout the Mediterranean. In Egypt the ape form was especially popular for kohl vases…’ (A. Kozloff ad no. 95)

Cf. A. Kozloff, Animals in Ancient Art from Leo Mildenberg Collection, Cleveland 1981, no. 95;
Jucker, Italy of the Etruscans, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem/Mainz (Philip von Zabern) 1991, as no. 290, described as Etruscan-Corinthian and probably made in Cerveteri (acc. to Jucker)


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