Complete bronze cast bit, rigid mouthpiece of square section with terminals turned over inopposite directions; subrectangular openwork plaques in shape of foreparts of a horse with four spikes on each others neck; casting spouts on the upper and lower corners of the back erdge.

Ex priv. coll. E.F.M. B.H., Netherlands 1990s-, acq. From Jaap Polak, Amsterdam, Tefaf March 18, 2002
Dim. 8,2 x 14 cm; mounted on perspex stand, nice green patina

8th – 7th cent. BC

Cf. P.R.S. Moorey, Catalogue of the Ancient Persian Bronzes in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 1971, pp. 108-9, no 108a/b, pl. 13


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