Shallow cup kylix on high stem decorated at the outside with a scene on either side of two couples of youths courting boys, the elder leaning on a stick; inbetween the couples a writing diptych with stylos and a purse, a bag for knuckelbones hanging above at the right. Inside, a draped bearded man standing to the left before an altar, holding a staff, a pair of sandals hanging behind; inside and outside a Greek inscription of ‘ho pais kalos’ (the boy is beautiful)

Ex Münzen und Medaillen, Basle 1984; Jürgen Haering, Galerie am Museum, Freiburg 1984-5; dr. L. v. R., Netherlands, 1985-2018
Dim. 38,5 x 13,5 cm, with handles included

Tarquinia Painter, c. 470 BC

Published: Galerie Nefer, catalogue 2, Zürich 1984, no. 81; Beazley Archive Pottery Database, no. 15223; cf. J. Boardman, Athenian Red Figure Vases, The Classical Period, London 1989, p. 38
The Tarquinia Painter was a pupil of the Antiphon painter, a companion of the Pistoxenos Painter, and thus a later member of the workshop run by the famous cup-potter Euphronios.


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