A large statuette of seated female figure with flat, thin body, stylised arms shaped as small stumps, long neck with three long thick strands of hair falling onto her shoulders, onto nape of her neck and onto the backrest of her chair; head consisting of a large nose, eyes indicated in black, mouth and chin absent, polos with voluted curl on top; decoration of hair and dress in black paint.

Ex priv. coll. O. M. Pessac, France, acq. from Rossinin Paris 2016; thence Galerie Tarantino, Paris, with restoration report of Atelier Bresson. Traces of old labels.
H. 18,5 cm. Some repair at rear leg of chair

Boeotia, first half 6th century BC

Cf. R.A. Higgins, Catalogue of the Terracottas in the British Museum, London repr.1970, Vol. I, no. 767, pl.  101;


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