God of trade and messenger of the gods, standing naked, his head with short curly hair turned slightly to the left, his mantle falling from his left shoulder over his left arm, his right arm alongside his body in which he holded a now missing object, probably a purse or coin bag.
His head is slightly turned to the side and his body having a slight curve, which is showing movement in the figure

Ex priv. coll. L.J. Jansen, Netherlands, before 1995, Gorny & Mosch, München 2012, hence priv. coll. H.v.H., Netherlands
H. 11,7 cm. Nice red and green patina. Mounted

1st – 2nd cent. AD.

Cf. Oriental Artauctions/art 600536
Mercury was the god of trade and industry, whose principal shrine in the city of Rome was at the Circus Maximus. Mercury is often modelled with a coin purse in his right hand, holding a caduceus in his left hand, while a mantle is draped from his left shoulder.


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