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TUSSEN KUNST & KITSCH Opname & Uitzendschema Opnameschema 2022: Maandag 7 november: Louwman Museum – Den Haag  Uitzendschema december 2022 & januari 2023 Zondag 20 november, 21:30 uur: Het Spoorwegmuseum (Let op, dit is gewijzigd) Zondag 27 november, 07:30 uur: Bonnefanten Museum (Let op, dit is een herhaling) Zondag 4 december, 09:08 uur: Bevreidingsmuseum Zeeland (Let op, dit is een […]

Ancient Coins discovered in Switzerland

Artnet News July 24, 2022 Archaeology/Numismatics A Swiss Metal Detectorist Uncovered a Literal Pot of Gold Filled With 1,300 Exceedingly Rare Late Roman Coins The discovery raises questions about life in the region under Emperor Constantine the Great. Amah-Rose Abrams, May 6, 2022 The coins discovered in Bubendorf. Photo Archeology Baselland In a rare and […]


Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund | TEFAF | The European Fine Art Foundation The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden’s (National Museum of Antiquities) mission is to bring archaeology and the ancient world to life. The museum’s collection is composed of 180,000 objects coming from the age-old civilizations of Egypt, the Classical World, the ancient Near […]


LAST SUPPER IN POMPEI From Art World An Ancient Fast Food Restaurant in PompeiI That Served Honey-Roasted Rodents Is Now Open to the Public Visitors can see the frescoes that adorned the “thermopolium,” as the restaurant would have been called. Sarah Cascone, August 13, 2021 Archaeologists studying the Roman city of Pompeii recently discovered a […]


An ancient Roman road may lie beneath Venice’s lagoon, researchers say Team using sonar technology have found evidence of structures and settlements on the seafloor GARRY SHAW 22nd July 2021 15:01 BST A rendering of the Roman Road (left) in the Treporti Channel of the Venice Lagoon, made on the basis of the multibeam data, […]


From: NEWSMUSEUMS & HERITAGE – THE ART NEWSPAPER ‘The Colosseum is the last thing I would spend money on’: experts angry over plans for €15m floor at Italy’s most famous site Archaeologists object to covering the amphitheatre’s unique underground space and point to more vital restoration projects in the country JAMES IMAM 10th May 2021 […]