Ruïnes van Palmyra in Allard Pierson Museum

Allard Pierson Museum Home Bezoek Tentoonstellingen Nieuws & Agenda Collectie Educatie Over het museum Steun ons Openbare restauratie ‘De ruïnes van Palmyra’ 7 maart 2019 Van 19 maart tot en met 19 mei wordt het meer dan 4 meter brede schilderij ‘De ruïnes van Palmyra’ voor het oog van bezoekers gerestaureerd, en is er een […]


MIEKE ZILVERBERG – JIMMY NELSON TEFAF MAASTRICHT 2019 – STAND 437 ANCIENT AND FUTURE ANTIQUITY TEFAF 2019 – Kunsthandel Mieke Zilverberg and photographer Jimmy Nelson will exhibit for the second time on this fair in stand 437 combining ancient and future antiquities Jimmy recently published his second project “Homage to Humanity” to show us and […]

Revamp Egyptian Museum Cairo

From ArtNewspaper February 3, 2019 British Museum teams up with Louvre for revamp of Egyptian Museum in Cairo But the disputed treasure, the Rosetta Stone, will remain in London GARETH HARRIS 29th January 2019 12:38 GMT Ancient statues inside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo Photo: Ovedc The British Museum will participate in an ambitious €3.1m […]

The pyramids at Giza

From Apollo Magazine 01-02-2019 COMMENT The pyramids at Giza looked very different when they were first built Garry Shaw 30 JANUARY 2019 The Pyramid of Khafre (left) and the Great Pyramid of Giza (right), photographed in October 2018. Photo: Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images SHARE TWITTER FACEBOOK LINKEDIN EMAIL In February, a large block of the Great […]


Potty about pictures: ancient Athenian vases are an important historical resource—but this book fails to deliver Large gaps in the material and a lack of thorough explanation make this volume less useful than it could be JOHN BOARDMAN 6th August 2018 12:40 GMT Ancient Attic red figure Kylix. A man with a lyre and a […]

TURKEY – Göbekli Tepe

Turkey’s Göbekli Tepe: is this the world’s first architecture? Scholars say the organisation needed to build the 12,000-year-old temple may mark the beginnings of class society and patriarchy ROBERT BEVAN 3rd August 2018 10:06 GMT The 12,000-year-old site in south-east Turkey is being considered for Unesco World Heritage listing Courtesy of Teomancimit At around 12,000 […]