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Phoenician Shipwreck Located off Coast of Malta

BIBLE HISTORY DAILY Phoenician Shipwreck Located off Coast of Malta Archaeologists investigate 2,700-year-old Phoenician cargo Robin Ngo October 12, 2019 1 Comments 2350 views Share A 2,700-year-old Phoenician shipwreck off the Maltese island of Gozo has been discovered. Photo: © Groplan project/Timmy Gambin, University of Malta. Maritime archaeologists have discovered what may be the oldest […]

Jewish bread stamp

Early Jewish Bread Stamp Found Near Akko Bible and archaeology news Biblical Archaeology Society Staff August 16, 2019 0 Comments 1627 views Share In 2011, Excavators with the Israel Antiquities Authority unearthed a 1,500-year-old Jewish bread stamp from a small Byzantine settlement near the ancient port city of Akko. The sixth-century clay stamp, excavated from […]


Martin Gayford 24 August 2019 from THE SPECTATOR Between Oedipus and the Sphinx: Freud and Egypt Freud Museum, until 13 October Twenty years ago, I visited the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna with a party of American journalists. Even in those days this place, near Asyut on the Middle Nile, was regarded as a dodgy […]

London – Rakowitz’s Lamassu on Trafalgar

FEATURES Making up for the past – the artists filling in the blanks in our collective memory Daniel Trilling 20 JULY 2019 The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist (2018), Michael Rakowitz’s sculpture for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London. Photo: Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images In the first week of June, Britain and France played host […]


  CHRISTIE’S LONDON –  Sale 17042 4th July 2019 AN EGYPTIAN QUARTZITE HEAD OF THE GOD OF AMEN WITH THE FEATURES OF THE PHARAOH TUNTANKHAMEN ‘This face is recognisable among a thousand Egyptian royal faces,’ says London Head of Ancient Art & Antiquities, Laetitia Delaloye. The almond-shaped eyes, notably high cheek bones and a top lip […]

Egypt’s Famous ‘Bent Pyramid’

Art World For the First Time in Over 50 Years, Egypt’s Famous ‘Bent Pyramid’ Is Now Open to the Public Researchers discovered ancient tools, sarcophagi, and mummies in the structure, which is one of the oldest pyramids in the world. Taylor Dafoe, July 16, 2019 A general view for the newly restored Bent Pyramid of […]

Egyptian noses missing?

On View Ever Wonder Why Egyptian Sculptures Are Missing Their Noses? The Answer Will Surprise You Ancient Egyptian statues were considered a portal to the gods. Sarah Cascone, March 21, 2019 Amunhotep, Son of Nebiry. New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Amunhotep II, circa 1426–1400 BC. Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum, Charles Edwin Wilbour […]

Ruïnes van Palmyra in Allard Pierson Museum

Allard Pierson Museum Home Bezoek Tentoonstellingen Nieuws & Agenda Collectie Educatie Over het museum Steun ons Openbare restauratie ‘De ruïnes van Palmyra’ 7 maart 2019 Van 19 maart tot en met 19 mei wordt het meer dan 4 meter brede schilderij ‘De ruïnes van Palmyra’ voor het oog van bezoekers gerestaureerd, en is er een […]


MIEKE ZILVERBERG – JIMMY NELSON TEFAF MAASTRICHT 2019 – STAND 437 ANCIENT AND FUTURE ANTIQUITY TEFAF 2019 – Kunsthandel Mieke Zilverberg and photographer Jimmy Nelson will exhibit for the second time on this fair in stand 437 combining ancient and future antiquities Jimmy recently published his second project “Homage to Humanity” to show us and […]